Maksim Chmerkovskiy And Kirstie Alley Are No Longer Friends

Maksim Chmerkovskiy And Kirstie Alley Are No Longer Friends

Former “Dancing With The Stars” winner Maksim Chmerkovskiy appeared on Andy Cohen’s show “Watch What Happens Live” and the host asked the dancer about his friendship with his former “DWTS” partner Kirstie Alley. Andy asked, “Did you get along with her well?”

Maks replied, “Until recently…she stopped getting along with me. I think the world of her. I’m not judging people by their religion. I’m Jewish. I don’t really believe in science fiction, whatever. We had a great relationship. I thought we had a great relationship.”

In case you’ve missed it, Maks has gotten quite friendly with Jennifer Lopez — whose best friend just happens to be former Scientologist Leah Remini. As you may know, when someone defects from Scientology, they are no longer to be associated with and are labeled as a “suppressive person”. This was done to Leah and Kirstie called her a bigot for leaving the cult-like religion. Since Maks has become pals with Jennifer, he got a note from a pal of Kirstie’s stating that they could no longer speak.

He revealed, “Now that I’m associating with other people, that she can’t be associated with, I am no longer to be spoken with.”

Andy said in response, “Leah Remini was on the show recently…”

Maks interjected, “I love people.”

Since Maks stated that he wished her well, Kirstie has taken to her Twitter account to comment on the situation and her response isn’t so nice. She tweeted, “Dear Sir..after you have ass raped me there is really no reason to include “I wish you the best”.. It’s rhetorical”.

Her comment about rape has drawn the ire of a lot of her followers who have apparently have created numerous accounts in order to call her out for joking about her terminology. Either way, it seems that Kirstie is really controlled by her religion and is shunning someone who actually wanted to be her friend. What do you think?

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