Maksim Chmerkovskiy Fights With DWTS Judge Len Goodman (Video)

Maksim Chmerkovskiy Fights With DWTS Judges (Video)

It was drama, drama, drama on last night’s Dancing With The Stars!

Right after Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy did their Rumba, the judges proceeded to lay into her. What seemed to have set Maks off was the fact that head judge Len Goodman called the dance Hope’s worst dance of the season.

Len said he was really disappointed and then the audience started boo’ing. Maks was encouraging them to get louder with their disapproval. Len told Maks, “Don’t start all of that Maks, because half of the fault is yours.”

Maks replied with, “As long as the audience liked our journey, we’re good.”

Len quipped, “The audience liked the effect” and commented that he’s been in the business for fifty years. Maks snapped, “Maybe it’s time to go!”

Check out the video:

Afterward, when talking to Brooke Charvet, he said the show “is my show” and that he helped make it what it is today. Maks talked with The Hollywood Reporter after the fact, about his comments with Brooke:

Maks says he never meant to imply sole ownership. “I feel like it’s my show, and together, with other pros, I dedicated six years of my life to this show,” he says. “I’ve helped make it what it is, but I’ve never taken it away from anybody else who participated.”

It’s this affection for the show that prompted Maks to laugh off questions of this possibly being his last season on DWTS.

“Like I said, it’s my show, and I didn’t mean it in a selfish way,” he says. “I love it. It’s what I love doing. Our fans are phenomenal.”

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