Man arrested for calling 911 seeking an escort to Lil Wayne’s house – audio

michael_kruse_lil_wayneLil’ Wayne definitely has some interesting fans. Apparently Michael Kruse called 911, not once, but twice, seeking a police escort to Lil’ Wayne’s Miami home. Nice.

Kruse was arrested on a misdemeanor for making false emergency calls.

When Kruse requested the police escort, the police operator asked, “You want a police escort to take you to Miami?” He said, “Or, do you have a helicopter?” The 911 operator replied, “We don’t just send helicopters up for rappers.”

Check out the audio of this tool:


Could we get any dumber?!? Full report here.

Too funny. Maybe he was smoking one of Wayne’s cigars?

UPDATE by stephenv: Don’t be so quick to laugh at this guy, for all we know he could have been rushing to save Lil’ Wayne from a massive drug overdose after he heard about what happened to Michael Jackson. Oh wait… weed doesn’t kill, celebrity’s doctors do.

If Kruse really was high making these calls, I’m guessing he wasn’t too bright before he smoked marijuana either.

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