Manson sucked at Slayer show

Ha! I kinda figured this would happen. Apparently, Slayer should’ve chosen a better act to tour with….maybe a band like, say, Megadeth, for instance?

I didn’t think Marilyn Manson would bring it to a show with speed metal icons, Slayer.

Opening with a piano/violin opera-style introduction, Manson kicked off his 14-song set with “If I Was Your Vampire.”

The song was plagued with sound issues three quarters of the way through, as Manson’s microphone was inaudible for the much of the last verse and the last rendition of the chorus.

Manson spent a good chunk of the 90-minute set putting jackets and top hats on, while finishing virtually every other song by slamming his microphone on stage as he walked off to add things to his stage attire.

Manson sucked at Slayer show was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • Jonathan-C. Phillips

    wow, now that ain’t cool. My bass player is going to see that show (Montreal) tomorrow, hope it’s gonna be good. At least Slayer delivers (seen them a couple of times times)

  • Roberta

    I’m sure it will be good, both acts are awesome…I like both, so I know I’d enjoy it, but from what I’ve found a lot of Slayer fans are more into thrash/speed metal and Manson is more of a goth crowd….it’ll be interesting to see what happens on the rest of the tour.

  • Adam

    Hmm, that really does not seem like a good combo. Saw Mansion a few years ago…great concert. Never saw Slayer…not a fan.

  • scott

    Slayer always puts on a good show and if another band opens for slayer then all your going to hear through the entire opening set is “Slayer” chants

  • Brian

    was @ the show in L.A. I am a huge fan of both, seen them both MANY times. I have not missed Manson in last 6 years