Marc Anthony Tried To Control Jennifer Lopez’s Wardrobe?

Marc Anthony Tried To Control Jennifer Lopez's Wardrobe?

Jennifer Lopez is a fashion diva, there’s no doubt about that! According to reports, her estranged husband Marc Anthony tried to call the shots with regard to her wardrobe choices! I guess that would set her off, wouldn’t it?

Reportedly, the two had been arguing non-stop for months, but this might’ve been the straw that broke the camel’s back!

Us Weekly reports that Marc tried to control his wife’s fashion choices during a photo shoot for their magazine in 2010. He reportedly objected to a photo that he was said to have commented as “too sexy and unbecoming for a 40-year-old mother of two.”

A source said, “He would make her feel terrible about herself if she wanted to wear something sexy. He likes her to dress in a demure, ‘wife’ style. He hated the fact that she was a sex symbol.”

Another source said, “Marc has always been a very dominating husband. He wants to control everything Jennifer does.”

Ugh, if this is true, then I can’t say I blame her for wanting to leave him. Do you?

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