Marg Helgenberger Regrets Justin Bieber Brat Comments

Marg Helgenberger Regrets Justin Bieber Brat Comments

In May, CSI veteran Marg Helgenberger called Justin Bieber out for what he was — a brat. We applauded that, but now, she’s taking her comments back. Ugh, I just can’t. Why would you wussy out of a feud with a teenaged twit like Bieber?!?

Afterward, without mentioning her name, Justin called her comments “lame”. Now, she’s backtracking. Of course she is. He’s got 800 tons of crazed fans who threaten people who say anything negative about this kid.

She said, “Justin – there was one little scene in which we were together. Actually, he was really sweet to me. Comments I made at one point, I regret saying them – not that they weren’t true, I said it as part of the interview, being sort of silly. I think he’s a very talented kid.”

Sad. Just sad.

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