Margaret Cho lashes back at Bristol Palin on Twitter

Margaret Cho lashes back at Bristol Palin on Twitter

This is turning into a WAR! I love it.

In case you missed it, Margaret Cho spoke out about Bristol Palin doing Dancing With The Stars, saying that her mother Sarah forced her into doing it.

Bristol took to her Facebook page to deny the rumors that she was forced into doing the show, saying that they approached her. She also snuck in a gay comment, that could’ve been perceived as homophobic:

In a final zinger to Cho, Bristol urged the star to develop a fuller understanding of conservative politics. If that happens, says the teen activist, Cho “would embrace us faster than k.d. lang at an Indigo Girls concert.”

Now, Margaret is fighting back! She took to her Twitter page to say, “Must write song “embrace me” with kd lang and indigo girls. Must!!!!!!!”

She went on to tweet, “From jim short: These famewhoring Palins need to be renamed The Alaskardashians”. Ha! Nice one.

She added, “The only reason bristol is so freaked out and everyone is asking me to retract what I said is because they know its true.”


The ball’s in your court Pistol.

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