Mariah Carey keeps her fans waiting

Mariah Carey doesn’t care about her LAMBS, apparently. The singer reportedly left them all waiting for two hours at a Las Vegas concert after demanding that a doctor check out her throat before performing.

She was set to perform for the finale date of her Angels Advocate tour at The Colosseum on Saturday night, but delayed her performance until a doctor gave her the all-clear.

A source said, “Ciara was performing as Mariah arrived, so she waited in the car, saying she didn’t want to upstage her.”

Isn’t that just so nice of her?

Mariah Carey keeps her fans waiting was last modified: October 21st, 2013 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • James

    Yeah she had to see the doctor retard. Don’t say she don’t care about her lambs.

    • Earsucker

      Suck it.

  • Joshua

    If she didn't care, she wouldn't have done the show at all. Moron

  • Kevin

    LOL I knew this wouldn't be a great article when I saw the article's writer was named "Roberta." I think your parents were expecting a boy and were sold on Robert.

    She had to fucking see the doctor. Are you stupid? Or are you just discontent with posting on a blog called "earsucker," and get kicks by saying complete bullshit about the most successful female artist of all time If she hadn't cared about her lambs, why not just cancel the show?