MasterChef Recap For May 22, 2013: Season 4 Premiere Episode

MasterChef Recap For May 22, 2013: Season 4 Premiere Episode

Another MasterChef season premiere is upon us and tonight it is season number 4 on Fox. British chef Gordon Ramsay who currently holds an amazing 14 Michelin stars, along with Chicago, Illinois based chef Graham Elliot and restaurateur and vineyard owner Joe Bastianich are all back to give some hopeful untrained cooks the chance to earn a coveted white apron, a cookbook deal and a whopping $250,000.00 cash prize.

MasterChef Season 3 winner Christine Ha released her winning cookbook, Recipes From My Home Kitchen. Christine says that a “must try” in her cookbook are her mama’s eggrolls and she brags that her cookbook is a non-fussy one that cooks with any skill would enjoy. What is Christine’s advice for the season four contestants? “Be yourself, and cook what you love. It will show.”

Some of the season 4 highlights are; one contestant adds a little secret ingredient to her mac and cheese “breast milk”, contestants break out the protein with bear, roadkill, reptiles,beaver tail and even insects, a robot scientist preps the table, contestants get dropped off into the wilderness and have to find ingredients around them and in a wedding challenge Elliot and Ramsay both prepare dishes.

Official Synopsis: Home cooks representing 26 states arrive in Los Angeles to compete for the title of MasterChef and the $250,000.00 grand prize in the season 4 premiere. Each hopeful prepares a signature dish and presents it to judges Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliott, who rate on flavor, creativity and presentation.

Rumour has it that the skill level this season is much higher than in previous seasons and the contestants range from an ex-NFL star, a bikini waxer, an ostrich farmer, a pastor and even an archaeologist.
Bastianich said that contestants in season 4 had better be prepared because the “bar has been flung over the moon”. Will the new round of hopefuls have what it takes? To find out that and more, join us for our live recap every week beginning this evening with a 2-hour premiere at 8:00pm when MasterChef Season Four returns on Fox.


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