Matthew McConaughey’s ‘Magic Mike’ Wardrobe Malfunction

Matthew McConaughey's 'Magic Mike' Wardrobe Malfunction

Matthew McConaughey almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction on the set of his latest movie, “Magic Mike”. Not that anyone is complaining, really.

Spoiler alert for those who have yet to see the stripper flick, but Matthew dons an itty bitty thong in the movie and he strips. There is another funny little detail that you might not have known, but the women in the audience were extras and the movie saw an unprecedented return rate of 90+ percent of extras who came back for filming. Can you imagine why? Ha.

The thong that Matthew was wearing almost gave way to a sight that is only for the eyes of Camila McConaughey. We have no doubt that that could’ve been one of the reasons that the ladies kept coming back. He was performing his routine in the tiny thong, but the crowd went crazy and ripped his clothes off.

Channing Tatum said in a new interview, “What was odd was they didn’t do that for anybody else’s routine, just Matthew. They just went nuts for him and ripped his clothes off. It was crazy. It made me think, ‘God, did I not do so good and I’ve done this before.'”

When asked what the experience was like, Matthew revealed, “It was actually more of an assault! My thong that I had on got ripped and it started to open up. Luckily, I felt that cool breeze coming, so I covered, tucked and rolled out of that situation. I wouldn’t have had anywhere to hold my money.”

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