Megadeth’s new song ‘Headcrusher’ – behind the scenes video

megadeth_headcrusher_artworkMegadeth’s producer, Andy Sneap, talks here about the new upcoming Megadeth album, along with the mixing process.

The album, still untitled (?) marks the band’s eleventh studio album to date and is due out sometime in September, 2009.

Dave Mustaine has just updated the band’s official MySpace page yesterday with this:


I am so excited to know that in less than 48 hours I am going to be jamming with my band and getting ready to start the next world tour.

Even though this bit is really early, we are doing these four shows with Slayer in the hopes that the rest of the world will sit up and take notice.

Well . . . they have.

I’m happy to say that we are starting to talk about upcoming shows with our old friends, and co-founders of the American metal scene and one of the other Four Horsemen, as well as another show or so with Pals Judas Priest, and only Lucretia knows who will be on this year/next year’s Gigantours.

I am going to ask James and Chris to check in with you, as well as keeping up to speed with a possible chat in our fanclub coming up soon again. I love doing those with you guys.

I was talking with Chris Olson of Networth Coffee Brokers and they bought a new DEAN Signature Dave Mustaine VMNT electric guitar with the new album cover painted on it, and they are going to have a contest for people who do something over there, and someone is gonna win this bad boy. Check out here and over there to find out when the contest is and what the rules and whatnot are.

I wonder if I could enter that one, because the album cover is going to be eerier than anything I have ever done.

oooh, eeee, aaaaah!hellllllllp meeeeeee!!!!

Check out the video below, where you can also here snippets of their new song, “Headcrusher”.

I can’t wait for this album, I am a huge Megadeth fan.

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