Megan Fox Isn’t A Fan Of Charlie Sheen

Megan Fox Isn't A Fan Of Charlie Sheen

It appears that Megan Fox has taken some sort of issue with Charlie Sheen. According to reports, Megan was against her husband Brian Austin Green working with Charlie on the set of Anger Management because she didn’t want to associate with him.

A source said, “She has always kept her distance from Charlie Sheen, that is not somebody she wants or needs to associate with.”

Brian joined the cast of the show to play Sean full-time, but Megan wasn’t too fond of the idea. The source said, “The Anger Management money was something that they could not turn down and was guaranteed work for Brian every week for the rest of the year. But Megan is glad that association with Sheen is done now and the job is over for now because it was really hard on the new family. He was working 18 hour days on the show and that’s been really depressing for everybody. It basically made her into a single mother, but again, they needed the money.”

Is it sad that we absolutely cannot wait to see if Charlie comments on this story? What do you think he’ll say?

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