Meme: It’s about ME ME LOL

I was tagged by Jennifer at TreeHuggingFamily recently to tell you guys 7 Random Things About Me That You Might Not Know. Hope I don’t screw this up :)

1. I hate my day job. It really, really, really sucks. In case you were wondering what I do. Wonder no more. Did I mention it sucks?

2. I listen to wayyyy too much 80’s music. It’s unhealthy. I make CDs that have Culture Club on them, along with Def Leppard, Poison, 2 Live Crue, and Run DMC. I’m a weirdo and I can’t help myself.

3. I have ADD & the attention span of a peanut. It’s unfortunate, but true. What were we talking about again?!?

4. I don’t like coats. Even when it gets all yucky and snowy out. I’d rather wear a jacket or a heavy sweater. It’s all about layers.

5. I’m a spelling/grammar nazi. I can’t overlook spelling and grammar errors. It’s weird. And I hated English class in school.

6. I’m competitive. Okay, maybe you knew that already. I can’t walk away from a good contest or something.

7. I have two sons, who are twelve and eight. They rock. My youngest son, Justin, wants to be a rock star. Jeffrey, 12, wants to be a lawyer. Go figure. They’re truly little pieces of me.

That’s my two cents. Now I get the luxury of tagging seven other unsuspecting victims friends:

  • Dave at Brit Music Scene (because he rocks all the way from the UK)
  • Scott at Metal Martyr (just because Metal rocks!)
  • Mike at Big Apple Music Scene (because I can…neh neh)
  • Ingrid at Greys Anatomy News (I’m addicted)
  • And I can’t think of three more…..I just have no imagination.

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