Metro Station have split up

Rock group Metro Station have split up, after four years!

The group formed in 2006 and Mason Musso announced earlier this year that the guys were working on plans to launch a reality show about the band.

In a statement made earlier this week, Trace Cyrus and Musso announced the split. The statement says, “Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso have announced that they are placing the band on indefinite hiatus.”

What do you think of the news?

Metro Station have split up was last modified: March 25th, 2010 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • lauren w

    ahhhh</3 my favortie band ever.

  • deathtomiley

    hmm.. although their music is somewhat catchy and i do like them as a band i cant stand trace cyrus! hes tune deaf… if you dont believe me check out some live metro station concerts. itd have to be videos now i guess if they really are broken up……..pahahaha