Michael Clarke Duncan Died From Natural Causes

Michael Clarke Duncan Died From Natural Causes

It was with great sadness that we learned of the passing of one of our favorite actors, Michael Clarke Duncan. On Monday morning, Michael passed away after suffering from a cardiac arrest issue back in July. At that time, his fiancee Omarosa Manigault potentially saved his life after finding him in distress, alerting the paramedics and performing CPR until their arrival. At the time of his passing, he was 54-years-old.

According to doctors’ findings, Michael had never fully recovered from his July health scare. Los Angeles Assistant Coroner Ed Winter said that he is confirming natural causes as the culprit behind the actor’s untimely passing.

Ed said that Michael’s personal doctor signed off on the cause of death and there will be no follow-up investigation into his death. In fact, he said that there was really no reason at all to look into the matter further.

Michael Clarke Duncan was most known for landing his big break in the movie “The Green Mile” alongside co-star Tom Hanks. He was most recently known for his role on “The Finder”. That show was great and it was completely unfortunate that it was canceled before its time.

We lost one of the great actors on Monday. Sad. May he rest in peace.

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