Michael Douglas: ‘It’s Okay To Ask Actresses To Lose Weight’

Michael Douglas: 'It's Okay To Ask Actresses To Lose Weight'

Michael Douglas wants actresses to know that if you’re supposed to be eye candy in a movie and you’re a bit chunky in the middle that it’s okay to ask you to hit the gym.

Douglas is starring in “The Reach” with Jeremy Irvine and his co-star was asked to add twenty pounds of muscle to play his role. Douglas said that it is perfectly acceptable for women to be asked to lose weight for a role.

When asked whether actors and actresses have to be eye candy, he said, “It’s not acceptable for women to be eye candy?!? If your role in that picture is to be eye candy and the director looks at you and says, ‘You’re going to be in a bra and panties and you’re looking pretty soft around the middle.’ Absolutely you’d tell that person to kick ass.””

He continued, “This guy [Irvine’s character] is search and rescue. He’s a mountaineer. He’s in physical shape. Ignoring the fact that he happens to be a decent looking guy, it would be wrong for him to not be in shape.”

He added, “If you wanted Seth Rogen running through the desert, that’s a different movie.”

Does he have a point?

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