Michael Jackson Molestation Claims To Be Unsealed By A Judge?

Michael Jackson Molestation Claims To Be Unsealed By A Judge?

When Michael Jackson was going through his 2005 molestation trial, Wade Robson defended him saying that Michael never abused him. After his 2009 death, Wade has filed a creditor’s claim against the late singer’s estate claiming abuse. Now, Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff said that he may unseal portions of the records with regard to the claims in the previous molestation case.

The Washington Post reports:

On Thursday, Beckloff presented attorneys with possible redactions of Robson’s sworn declaration and said it should serve as a roadmap for what information can be made public.

The judge believes some of the material could be made public, even though attorneys on both sides would like the case sealed in its entirety.

Some of Robson’s private and personal information, including a paragraph that detailed his allegations of abuse by Jackson, should be sealed, Beckloff said.

He also said portions of the records that deal with mental health issues also should not be released.

Howard Weitzman, the attorney for the singer’s estate said the claims were “outrageous and pathetic.”

He added, “We are confident that the court will see this for what it is” he said at the time the allegations were first made.”

What do you think? Is Wade telling the truth or is this a cash grab? Share your thoughts below.

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  • jody

    i want to read it all – open up the files!

  • Jen

    This needs to stop. Poor Paris nearly lost her life over all the stress. MJ’s gone let him RIP.

  • Jen

    Although secretly I’d quite like to read it all ;)

  • Alma

    If anyone is to blame it is for Paris’ stress it is Michael Jacksin. I don’t vare if he is dead or was talented, his victims deserve peace. Enough people have come forward that you would have to be willfully ignorant to deny he was inappropriate with little boys. Now Wade is already rich and famous. He has a lot to lose by coming forward against his mentor. Please save your pity for the victims and not a dead pedophile.