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Michael Jackson Was Murdered According To His Nephew

Michael Jackson Was Murdered According To His Nephew

Michael Jackson was murdered, according to his nephew, T.J. Jackson. We have already revealed that Michael’s son Prince testified that the King of Pop felt that AEG was trying to kill him. Now, his nephew has taken the stand to testify that Michael expected that he would be murdered.

Michael Jackson Was Murdered According To His Nephew

T.J. revealed that he believes that his uncle was murdered. He said that his thoughts on the subject came from several conversations that he had with Michael before his untimely death in 2009. According to the testimony, Michael felt that he would be murdered. T.J. said that this was his belief “because he did tell me and the brothers that he was going to be murdered on a couple of occasions.”

Michael never said who he thought would murder him, but felt that his life was at risk because of “his position.”

This is all part of the wrongful death lawsuit brought against AEG Live by Katherine Jackson. Prince Michael has revealed that he watched his father die, but AEG’s lawyer has rebutted that statement saying that while Dr. Conrad Murray was administering CPR, the children were all playing hide and seek.

Stay tuned for the latest information as it is revealed on the case!

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