Michael Jackson’s doctors to be arrested and charged

michael_jackson_doctors_arrestedAccording to sources, we’ve just found that Michael Jackson’s doctors, both Dr. Conrad Murray and Dr. Arnold Klein are set to be charged in his death.

Dr. Murray is expected to be arrested and charged with manslaughter next week. Meanwhile, Dr. Klein will be charged with something related to medical malpractice.

It was also said recently that Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, is set to look into a wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Murray.

In recent news, the family said that they will be burying Michael on his birthday, August 29, 2009, when he would have turned 51. The family plans on laying him to rest at the Grand Mausoleum at Forest Lawn Memorial. The mausoleum only allows friends and family and has security cameras to keep out unwanted press and/or vandals.

Maybe Michael can finally rest in peace.

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