Michael Lohan Arrested Again!

Apparently Michael Lohan really enjoyed the time he spent behind bars on Tuesday so much that he decided to get arrested again. We’re starting to wonder if he really can read?!?

These Lohans aren’t too bright, are they?

Reportedly, MiLo got busted again after trying to contact his girlfriend (ex?) Kate Major. What’s insane about this fiasco is that Mike tried to escape from the police by jumping off of a third-story balcony. The jump was 34 feet! Holy crap, dude, aren’t you getting too old for that mess?

Kate notified police that Mike had been trying to contact her by phone and wouldn’t leave her alone.

TMZ has more:

According to law enforcement, officers believed Michael was a “threat” — so they rolled up to his hotel to arrest him.

But here’s the crazy part — law enforcement tells TMZ, Michael tried to escape by hopping his 3rd story balcony … but crashed to the ground … and then tried to hide in some trees.

After officers pulled him down, Michael was placed under arrest for violating a condition of his pretrial release (presumably for contacting Kate) … and resisting arrest without violence.

Maybe he should get comfortable this time?

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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