Michael Lohan Arrested For Domestic Violence (Mugshot Photo)

Michael Lohan Arrested For Domestic Violence (Mugshot Photo)

Michael Lohan has been arrested in Tampa, Florida after allegedly getting into a fight with his girlfriend, Kate Major, last night.

TMZ reports:

Tampa Police arrested Lindsay Lohan’s dad at 1:10AM ET after they responded to reports of a fight between Michael and a live-in girlfriend. Law enforcement sources confirm it was Lohan’s on again-off again GF Kate Major.

When he was taken into custody, he complained of chest pains and was subsequently taken to the hospital for evaluation. After being treated, Mike tried to leave, but was nabbed by a cop on the way out.

Now, we’ve heard reports that the reason behind the battle was that Mike wanted Kate to give him oral sex. When she refused, he tried to hit her with the remote control and missed, so he smashed her cell phone.

I wonder if he’s still sitting pretty in jail, waiting to get bailed out. And we all wonder why Lindsay is so messed up?!?

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