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Michael Lohan Claims Dina Hit His Mother

Michael Lohan Claims Dina Hit His Mother

Michael Lohan is claiming that his former wife Dina actually hit his own mother in the face. In an interview with “The Mojo In The Morning Show” earlier today, he said that he witnessed a drunk Dina striking his mother in the face with a phone.

He revealed, “She gave my mother six stitches over the eye, she hit her with a phone when she was drunk one day.”

When he was asked when this incident went down, he said, “Um, like in 1988…1987, it was a long time.”

He went on to say, “When she was breastfeeding my son Tony, she was so drunk, I saw her on the bathroom floor.”

This comes directly after Dina was said to be drunk for her interview with Dr. Phil. Does any of this surprise you?

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