Michael Lohan & Kate Major Are Expecting A Baby Together

Michael Lohan & Kate Major Are Expecting A Baby Together

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael and his girlfriend Kate Major are expecting their first child together. Scary, right? Considering their history together, we figure that this is some pretty crazy news.

This is the guy who allegedly kicked her in the vagina, called her a hooker and then proceeded to “leak” photos online of her naked. This guy is way classy. Nothing says “I want you to have my baby” like a good vagina kick, isn’t that right hooker?

The restraining order that Kate had against Michael has been lifted a few weeks ago and TMZ reports that Kate is in her first trimester of her pregnancy.

We’re of the mind that anyone who is remotely connected with the Lohan family should be sterilized. Michael and Kate should start saving money now for all of the therapy that this kid is going to require in the future.

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