Michael Lohan wanted Lindsay to bail him out of jail

Michael Lohan wanted Lindsay to bail him out of jail

We’re hearing a lot of conflicting reports surrounding Michael Lohan and Kate Major’s fight. She said he attacked her, but he has countered her claims with claims of his own. He said she was trespassing on his property and even made off with some clothes he bought for Lindsay.

Still, whatever happened, it’s turning into a huge mess for both of them. Reportedly, when he got arrested for domestic violence, he reached out to his daughter for a helping hand — and she shunned him!

You see, Lindsay has enough problems of her own. She doesn’t need daddy trying to dip into her pockets for bail money because he allegedly can’t keep his hands to himself.

Reportedly, their fight was all over the almighty dollar. Of course. A friend of the family said, “While she [Kate] was there they had a huge argument over the money he owed her and it got really ugly. Mike doesn’t have a job and lives hand to mouth. He had been angry all day that a check he had couldn’t be cashed. Kate was so worried she left a message for a friend that said, ‘I’m nervous, he has that look in his eyes.'”

When Mike got busted for the fight, his bail was set at $30,000, but because he’s allegedly as broke as a joke, he called upon Lindsay for help. The family snitch said, “Lindsay wants nothing to do with her father. He has betrayed her one too many times. He only ever calls her when he wants something and she has finally learned to say no.”

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