Mike McQueary Changes Story Of Jerry Sandusky Sexual Abuse

Mike McQueary Changes Story Of Jerry Sandusky Sexual Abuse

The whole story involving Jerry Sandusky and the Penn State abuse scandal just keeps getting more and more sickening. As a parent of a young boy, I can’t say that I can bite my tongue over what’s going on here.

Mike McQueary claimed that he saw a naked Jerry Sandusky in the shower, raping a ten-year-old boy. He reported the incident to Joe Paterno, who then reported it to the head of the Campus Police. What he should have done in that moment was STOP the incident from going any further while he was in it. He should’ve done that and then called 911 to haul Jerry’s sorry butt out of that school shower.

Now, he claims that he isn’t 100% sure that Jerry was actually raping the boy. WTF??!? REALLY?!?

Was he really just teaching them how to shower, Mike? Disgusting pigs, all of them.

Earlier today, Mike took the stand in the preliminary hearing and said that he became suspicious when he heard “skin on skin slapping” sounds coming from the shower. He said that he looked into the shower and saw Jerry and the boy naked together with Jerry grabbing the boy’s waist from behind while he was facing the wall.

He said that the last time he peaked in, they had separated. He said, “I know they saw me. They looked directly in my eye, both of them. Seeing that they were separated, I thought it was best that I leave the locker room.”

Leaving a defenseless boy alone with a freaking monster. Wow. What a disgusting creep. I can’t even imagine that boy’s horror to find someone who could help him out of that situation, only to find that he was a complete and total coward.

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