Miley Cyrus Accused Of Starting Anorexia Rumors For Publicity

Miley Cyrus Accused Of Starting Anorexia Rumors For Publicity

Disney starlet Miley Cyrus has been accused of starting all of the anorexia rumors about her in an attempt to gain more publicity. Say what?!?

She recently drew attention to herself when she posted a photo of herself sniffing a bag of fast food. She said that she wasn’t going to eat what was inside, presumably because she was starting a gluten-free diet. Some thought that the Twitter message meant that she was suffering from an eating disorder.

She quickly rebuffed that rumor when she took to her official Twitter account to say that she’s going gluten-free because of her allergies. After that, she’s been spotted going to and from her Pilates class and a spy said that it may not have been a coincidence.

A coincidence, really?!? She wants to be healthy and people think that Pilates and going gluten-free are a coincidence? It’s a sad, sad world, isn’t it?

A source said to In Touch Weekly, “Miley is willing to do anything to get attention.”

A snitch close to Miley said that the reports are “absurd.”

And there you have it.

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