Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Fighting A Lot Lately

Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Fighting A Lot Lately

Things aren’t going so well for Miley Cyrus and her Australian fiance Liam Hemsworth after all. They have been fighting quite a bit lately, despite the fact that she is “totally in love” with him. The problems in their relationship are also causing a rift between the former Disney star and her father Billy Ray.

Insiders have revealed that Miley and Liam do fight and argue “quite a bit”, but how he has been handling the drama is causing Billy Ray to be upset. Liam has just been shutting his phone off when they get into tiffs.

A source said, “That’s so hard on her. It really, really upsets her when she can’t reach Liam, she wonders where he’s at and who he’s with. It’s torture for her and it’s her mom and dad that are left dealing with it.”

It’s said to be “breaking Billy Ray’s heart” to see Miley acting like this, as well. The source added, “It breaks Billy Ray’s heart to see his little girl crying and he blames Liam. Miley is still Billy Ray’s baby, she always will be, so anytime someone hurts her he gets really defensive and over the past few months all the drama with Liam has been a huge emotional rollercoaster for her.”

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