Miley Cyrus & boyfriend Justin Gaston Break Up?

miley_cyrus_justin_gaston_break_upFor the record, I could give a crap if this little twit chipmunk Miley Cyrus has broken up with that underwear model boyfriend of hers. But since I care about my journalistic integrity his hotness, I thought I would bring you the rumor of the day.

Apparently, Miley has given Justin Gaston the axe, or it’s the other way around. Perhaps she did it so that she could hook back up with someone more age appropriate, like, say, Nick Jonas?

Miley took to her Twitter to write out some supposed lyrics that she’s working on. She said, “my heart is in two… and its all because of you.” a song i am starting to write :)” but fans believe that she’s really sending a message to her fans about her relationship.

Justin seems equally as miserable, saying on his Twitter, “Haven’t been this miserable in a looong time.. I thought highschool was over.”


On the upside, Justin is available, ladies!

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