Miley Cyrus calls Perez Hilton an idiot

Captain Obvious is shaking his head, unimpressed….but the good news is, the more Miley opens her mouth against Perez, the more I like her.

After all of the hoopla surrounding her upskirt photo dwindled, Miley Cyrus has finally responded to Perez Hilton’s controversy.

In his video response to all of the jail comments, Perez posted a video on his site. He said, “Do you think Miley is that stupid to be out in public without panties? Do you think I am stupid enough to post a photo of Miley if she is not wearing any underwear down there?”

In response, Miley told Ryan Seacrest, “That’s like, some idiot being an idiot – that’s not me, you know what I’m saying? Isn’t it funny how things that are so negative have to come out right before my record? It’s like, no one can just let a positive thing happen. All I can do is focus on the positive and that I hope this record does well.”

Do you think he’s trying to sabotage her? And why isn’t anyone pushing the issue of child pornography charges?

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