Miley Cyrus ditches Jonas Brother

Miley Cyrus ditched some guy in the Jonas Brothers….blah blah blah

This isn’t news.

Back to our regularly scheduled plethora of real stuff.

Miley Cyrus ditches Jonas Brother was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • Nick Jonas LUVER

    she didnt ditch him

  • ss522

    she ditched him. typical miley. *sigh.* YOU SUCK MILEY!

  • Thersa

    Miley does not suck.

  • Thersa

    Miley is really funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RainbowsAreAwesome

    dude, this really isnt news. and by the way hoes that like miley, she does suck, and your just as “hoeish” as her if you really like her[and “hoeish” is a word to me]. so stick that in your juice box and suck it!!!!!

  • NickJonasLova

    Actually Miley Cyrus cheated on Nick Jonas.

  • ss522

    miley cheated on jb. she humped a pole then she cheated on the pole with a cookie

  • paige

    STOP! talking about all that suff! Nobody cheated on anybody! Yah maby Nick and Miley where going out and then they split. WHO CARES?! And go ahead acuse me,call e weird a jerk, stupid. I DON’T CARE.

  • Claire

    Ugh! Miley you should just commit suicide or something. That would take an elephant off our backs!



  • ariel

    miley deserved to be cheated on not nick hes so awesome

  • Roberta’s Fanny

    Roberta if this news sucks so much why are you posting it oh yeah, you have shit for brains!

  • Roberta

    Cuz it’s my site, duh. I can post whatever I want. Why are you commenting?

  • lexy

    omj i just headr mileys dead not kidding look up on yahoo

  • Olivia

    Sut up lext=y get you head write) Miley i love ya
    she Rulz And roberta shut the fuck up