Miley Cyrus Doing The ‘Dirty Dancing’ Remake?

Miley Cyrus Doing The 'Dirty Dancing' Remake?

In case you haven’t vomited yet today, we bring you this little piece of news. Remember how we told you that Lionsgate Films is crapping all over your favorite movie of all time by remaking the famous Dirty Dancing? Well, yeah, they’re still going ahead with it regardless of how fans feel about it. So there.

You know what else? Miley Cyrus’ name is being thrown out there for the possible role of Frances “Baby” Houseman. Ugh. I can’t. Why, lord, why?!?

Several other names have been rumored to be taking the two main roles in the remake. Emma Roberts’ name has also been mentioned for the role of Baby. Also mentioned, but for Johnny’s role are Justin Timberlake and Derek Hough. Now, that’s not even right. No one should be able to take the place of the late, great Patrick Swayze. He was one of a kind.

You know who they should really get if they want a man who can move? Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Then I might watch. Who do you think they should get for Johnny and Baby’s roles?

I am still perplexed by them doing this remake. Are they really all out of ideas? It would seem so to me.

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  • Lizjohn3943

     Don’t waste ur  time  Hollywood    u’ll never  be able to  capture  the magic of the  1st one..

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  • Jojouskali32

    i have no idea how Hollywood is planning on pulling this off. This movie was amazing and had its own magic to it. I mean really it does appear to me that Hollywood is completely out of ideas. WHAT R U THINKING. Again, how do you replace the magic that Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray once created! to me it would not be the same watching the remake VS the original. I really think Hollywood should really leave this classic alone!

  • rdksjfkaj

    Miley Cyrus would be perfect to star in the remake of dirty dancing of ‘baby’!   come on everybody support and give miley a break, miley cyrus is very talented and smart and is the perfect candiated for ‘baby’ in the remake of dirty dancing!.

    • Irene V.

      WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. Are you mental? Dirty Dancing shouldn’t even be TOUCHED nor even though of or related to that disney girl, I am giving no break to no girl related to disney to play the role of baby! Baby was innocent yet spunky, miley is just plain and a revista PLUS she is FAR from smart. She should just stick to what’s she is best, SINGING. Taking her serious as an actress is way past her when she was in hannah montana and without a listing stars she is nothing. More serious actual talented ACTRESSES should be thought for this film, cmon now hollywood.

    • Pinkglitterheart

      Yes Miley can play the role of Baby I have no problem with that my kids love her plus she’s talented & she have that look but Justin bieber that boy can’t sing nor act what are you guys thinking. DD is one of the biggest movie ever made if y’all going to do a remark please take Justin bieber out of y’all mind her doesn’t have what it takes to put this off.

      • Olivia R.

        Your name is “pinkglitterheart” which sounds a name a teenager would usually type in and you have kids admire-ship to excuse the role of baby? AHAHAHAHA. If you were really a fan, you wouldn’t even want a remake to be made into shit especially with the name of a spoiled singtress child idol be thrown to it. What look?! Do you even remeber how Baby looked like? I am sorry, but this is just a STRAIGHT INSULT. So people like “y’all” need to remark your own viewings and that also goes to that kid beaver or whatever his name is.

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  • Oldies Fan – Rosie A.

    THIS IS BY FAR THE MOST HORROROUS BS I HAVE HEAR TODAY, I will seriously boycott this film & lionsgate and will lose all respect for whichever actress/actor thinks they can do this. What is wrong hollywood? Out of movie ideas? WELL GET THE HELL OVER IT & QUIT TOUCHING OUR CLASSICS, think of the real world & it’s real life problems so you can make those into ideas, take some notes from Guillermo Del Toro for example, an ACTUAL creative filmmaker, instead of replaying the same damn movie and making it into trash.

  • Dancingwithtruth

    Miley Cyrus would actually be a pretty good Baby…but justin bieber? i will vomit if they use him. he can’t act. do an actor, not a wannabe…whatever he is. But honestly, Miley Cyrus is a great choice. I can’t see Emma Roberts or lea Michele as Baby…honestly, between the three, pick Miley! and a more mature Johnny