Miley Cyrus Feels Kellan Lutz Is Using Her

Miley Cyrus Feels Kellan Lutz Is Using Her

Despite the fact that he has already denied dating Miley Cyrus, the rumors persist for Kellan Lutz. To make matters worse, they were seen together recently, causing even more speculation as to the status of their relationship to one another. Now, it has been revealed that the former Disney queen feels that Kellan is using her!

Is Kellan just using Miley in order to get even more famous? It would appear so to Miley, if the latest reports are correct. A source close to Miley says that she feels that his intentions with her are not pure whatsoever. The source said, “The timing of these hookups are suspect to Miley. She thinks that he might be using her for the media aspect of things.”

The source continued, “He has a movie coming out next week and a lot of late night shows and other places will cover [their relationship], and will want to book him on their shows. So she is very suspect of his true intentions, that is the main reason she isn’t diving into a relationship with him.”

Can you really blame her for feeling that way? On the other hand, though, it definitely makes it harder for her to date someone, don’t you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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