Miley Cyrus Ignoring Patrick Schwarzenegger Following Reported Cheating

Miley Cyrus Ignoring Patrick Schwarzenegger Following Reported Cheating

Miley Cyrus is said to be ignoring Patrick Schwarzenegger following reports that he was cheating on her during Spring Break in Mexico. Patrick was in Cabo schmoozing it up with other girls and doing body shots off of his “best friend’s girlfriend” and now it appears that it has cost him everything with Miley.

She was left fuming after pictures of him skeeving around behind her back surfaced on the internet. After that, pictures surfaced of him hanging out with his ex-girlfriend Taylor Burns. It all seems suspect to us and Miley was super miffed.

A source revealed, “At first, she was going to just let him panic. She wanted to figure out what she wanted to do with their relationship before they finally talked things out. But after seeing these new pictures? No way.”

The pictures showed Taylor rubbing lotion on his back and they were said to be the last straw for Miley. Another insider said, “She was okay with the previous pictures for the most part, the new pictures – she is livid.”

Sources close to the couple said that they were so close to being engaged and were talking about it like it was inevitable. The source said, “Miley is telling everyone she’s found ‘the one’. And he’s totally under her spell. They’re as good as engaged.”

Others have said that things didn’t get off on the right foot for Miley and Patrick’s parents, but she wasn’t letting it affect her feelings toward him. The spy said, “Miley knows that it won’t work with his family. But she’s madly in love and told Patrick they should run off to a tropical island and even Las Vegas and take the plunge, just the two of them. Miley pretty much sets the agenda in the relationship.”

Do you think Patrick Schwarzenegger cheated on Miley Cyrus?

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