Miley Cyrus Isn’t Pregnant Nor Dumped Despite Tabloid Report

Miley Cyrus Isn't Pregnant Nor Dumped Despite Tabloid Report

Miley Cyrus isn’t pregnant nor has she been dumped by her current boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger – despite a report to the contrary on the cover of the latest issue of Life & Style magazine. Inside, the magazine’s newest cover shills a story about how the singer is pregnant and alone.

The tabloid claims that Schwarzenegger’s family “staged an intervention” during a recent vacation in Hawaii. The family was said to be concerned because of Schwarzenegger’s relationship with Cyrus and urged him to dump her. The magazine reports that “Miley had her own surprise in store”.

A source reportedly told the publication, “When Patrick got back to L.A., they went to dinner and both said they had something to say to each other. Patrick went first and said he needed some space and wanted to take a break – and that’s when Miley interrupted and said, ‘Well, you can’t, because I’m pregnant!'”

The spy went on to say, “Patrick thought she was kidding, but she just looked at him and said nothing. Now he’s not sure what to think. The first time Miley told him she was pregnant, he believed her and wanted to marry her. Now he feels she’s screwing with his head and using a baby to trap him. So Patrick didn’t back down about dumping her. He just apologized and walked away.”

We have yet to hear anything from Schwarzenegger or Cyrus’ camp on the news of a breakup or a pregnancy, but we’re pretty sure that it’s nothing but a load of BS that has been generated in order to sell copies of their precious magazine. The singer has yet to address the most recent speculation surrounding her relationship, but has made light of the pregnancy rumors in the past.

VERDICT: Did you believe that Miley Cyrus is pregnant or that she and Patrick Schwarzenegger have gone their separate ways? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

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