Miley Cyrus’ parents reconciling?

Miley Cyrus' parents reconciling?

Miley Cyrus’ parents, Billy Ray and Tish just might be getting back together.

The twosome filed for divorce, but were seen together last Friday at a movie theater in Burbank, California. Along for the date were Braison and Brandi Cyrus.

Reportedly, the couple couldn’t stop fighting about how to raise Miley and it just tore them apart. A source said, “The fight over Miley is what tore Tish and Billy Ray apart. They can’t agree on how to raise her, and it’s wrecked their marriage. Billy Ray thinks Miley is becoming a spoiled brat monster – and he thinks it’s all Tish’s fault. They’ve had screaming matches for years. Billy Ray doesn’t like that he was eclipsed by his daughter’s stardom. He used to be the biggest star in country music and he wants his old life back.”

Do you think they’re going to reconcile?

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