Miley Cyrus Poses Nude On ‘W’ Magazine Cover (Photo)

Miley Cyrus Poses Nude On 'W' Magazine Cover (Photo)

Former Disney queen Miley Cyrus is featured on the cover of the newly leaked copy of W magazine. On the cover, it doesn’t really look all that much like her, but the magazine says it’s “Miley laid bare”. The accompanying article is by Ronan Farrow and it offers “no apologies”.

She sure is trying harder and harder to distance herself from the house of mouse, isn’t she? She seems to be going through great lengths in order to be free of the image of Hannah Montana – the same image that made her a household name. The only thing besides bracelets that she’s wearing in this picture is a strategically placed pillow.

What do you think of her cover photo? Is it risque enough for any of you to go to one of her concerts? Or do you find that she is trying way too hard? Hit the comments and leave us your thoughts.

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5 Comments on this Post

  1. jimmiewitt

    shes tryin to hard to be another household ho.She dont have the body to be a good one though. She needs needs to focus on showing more class and less of her flat ass.

  2. Cant wait til shes old like Madonna and even more ridiculous :(

  3. You call that nude? What a joke. Nude means naked, means you can see everything.

  4. I guess she just wants to take her clothes off for someone and show off her boyish figure.

  1. […] broke the news of Miley’s W magazine cover leaking onto the webs (it’s true, we never sleep) and now there are pictures of her nearly nude […]

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