Miley Cyrus rude to fans?

According to sources, a fan of Miley Cyrus’ ran into her at the mall recently and all she got was nothing but rudeness from the teen singer.

Oceanup reports:

My mom asked me to run to Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan to pick up something for her today around 8:30 PM. I saw Miley looking at jewelry in the Junior’s department called BP at Nordstrom and I went up to her and said ‘I know you don’t want to hear it from another fan, but can I just get a picture with you really quick?’ She said, ‘Yah but hurry because my friends will get pissed’.

She was with 3 other people.. 2 girls and one boy. She was very rude. I went up to the cashier to pick up what I needed and I told her Miley was right over my right shoulder and when Miley walked by the cashier said ‘can I help you with anything?’ and Miley just completely ignored her and continued walking. She was wearing a see through white shirt and had a Neiman Marcus bag with her.

Nasty! She should know that she would be nowhere without fans.

Miley Cyrus rude to fans? was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Lydia Harris
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  • anon

    BS she is aways nice to fans.. is she meant to smile 24/7 or something?.. this girl is obviously jealous.. she should be greatful Miley even took a pics with her..

  • Megamileyfan1

    I’m a huge fan,of miley’s & always will be.So l find it very hard to believe that miley would be rude to one of her fans.Miley knows how important her fans are to was probably a simple misunderstanding.Also what her fans have to understand,is that she needs some time out to chill with her friends,she’s only human,after all is said &done.As far as the shop assistant saying that miley just ignored her,it was probably that she never heard her.Haven’t you,ever been in a shop that’s noisy with ppl all around & someone says something to you,& you never heard them,well this is what probably happened here.But where as with a normal person,nothing would be said,because it’s miley,everything has to be blown out of proportion.Give poor miley a break,for gdness sake.lf l wanted to talk to miley,not that l would ever be privileged enough to meet miley anyway,but if l did,l would show her some respect,& if she’s eating or just busy,l would wait till she’s finished,& then try & talk to’s called common courtesy.l think miley is wonderful.God bless you miles.xox.

  • LBB

    BS this girl just wanted attention seriously I saw loads of people tweet she was really nice

  • fail

    This is such a made up story whoever believes this is an idiot.

  • sdd

    Its not made up this girl btched about her on her twitter even after meeting her.. fake bitch.. be greatful she took the time to take pics wth you!

  • Annoymous

    Yeah.. and i find that hard to believe she wudnt do that Im a big fan <3

  • faillllll

    What’s the girls twitterr

  • Stan

    Several other people who met her at the same mall said she way nice. WHY isn’t that your headline. Negative much.

  • Stan

    Several other people who met her at the same mall said she was nice. WHY isn’t that your headline. Negative much.

  • anon
  • andrea

    BULLSHIT! RUMORSS. miley would never say "yah" nor would she say "pissed". does this GIRL actually think people would belive her? geez. jelousy~

  • Will

    We have been watching htem film the new movie LOL around town. Last week, I was shopping at Somerset when I met her too. She seems to like that mall. I have read about lots of folks running into her there. Anyway, I don't think she was rude at all. She was very polite when I asked her for an autograph. I don't even see how what was described in this article was rude. It sounds like Miley was in a bit of a hurry but still took the time to take a picture with her fan. I don't know what else people expect from her. I am really looking forward to he rnew movie.

  • Emily

    This is a bunch of BS. I know of MANY people on twitter saying theve meet Miley while in Michigan and was super sweet. I been trying to meet her while shes filming in Michigan but havnt had much luck. Miley busy and you cant axpect her to be happy every single second of the day.

  • Mad Mom

    This little scank is one rude bi*ch. I saw her with my own eyes make a five year old child cry. This child idolized Mylie and wanted desperatly to just see her. While she was filming in a Grosse Pointe neighborhood, she told this child to “go away, brat” and “stop stalking me”. Now even if she had had enough there are certainly nicer ways of telling a young child to please leave her alone. But those were her exact words and the look on that child’s face was the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen. I know Mylie is only 17, but she needs to learn how to handle her public fame. She wanted this life in the spotlight so she needs to learn how to handle her fans in a more respectful manner. Fame is fleeting and if she continues on this path of rudeness she will soon find herself on VH1’s “Behind the Music-Has Beens”. Personally, as a 35 year old woman, I think she has zero talent just like her dad!

  • megamileyhater

    i used to be a fan of hers till i met her and she was a total bitch to me and ignored me and my little sister when we said hi to her