Miley Cyrus says she & Nick Jonas have reconnected

miley_cyrus_nick_jonas_reconnectedSure they have!

In a recent interview, Miley Cyrus dished the deets on Nick Jonas and her new nose ring.

She said about Nick, “We both just kind of saw each other and kind of decided this whole thing is kind of stupid. We were all over the separation. I’m really happy to be back in their lives. And our families are super happy we’re hanging out again.”

I’m sure they are, considering she just broke up with her 20-year-old underwear model boyfriend, Justin Gaston.

Nick even took a trip down to Tybee Island in Georgia to visit Miley, while she was taking a break from filming, “The Last Song.”

About their hookup, she says, “No comment. I am a jet ski demon!”

She also dished on the new nose ring that she’s sporting. She said, “I’ll let people think what they will. I hope no one is upset at me for doing it. I think it’s lame for it to be such a big deal because…it’s just temporary. You can take it out.”

As for what prompted her to want to get her nose pierced, she said, “I am a huge Kelly Clarkson fan. And I loved it when she had her nose pierced.”

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