Miley Cyrus Sex Tape Leaked Online?

Miley Cyrus Sex Tape Leaked Online?

Miley Cyrus has gotten racier and racier over the years with her performances, photo shoots and everything else, in an obvious attempt to shed her Disney star image.

Reports are swirling across the internet that there’s a sex tape featuring the 18-year-old singer!

For research purposes, we’ve had to seek out this “tape” and verify its authenticity (or not). We’ve located the porn video and can tell you that it doesn’t look like it’s actually Miley in the clip. It bares a bit of a resemblance, but we don’t think Miley has reached Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton levels of desperation yet, so you pervs are just going to have to wait…until next year probably. Ha.

Have you seen the tape that’s making the rounds? Let us know if you thought it was really Miley…or if you were just having some wishful thinking. Perhaps she will resort to this type of thing when people start saying “Miley who?”

So let’s start now, okay? GO!

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This post is written by Jed Eckert

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