Miley Cyrus Uses IV Drip For An Energy Boost

Miley Cyrus Uses IV Drip For An Energy Boost

Miley Cyrus has been using an IV drip in order to boost her energy levels. She is 22-years-old, so why on Earth does she need an IV drip?!?

The singer has revealed that she and her close pals use an IV drip at home so they can get nutrients into their blood for a nice pick-me-up. Interesting. She has shared photos of herself with her friends in the background and they are all busy getting the same treatment.

Other stars who are said to enjoy the same treatments include Madonna and Rihanna.

In other Cyrus related news, apparently we now know the reason behind her reconciliation with Patrick Schwarzenegger following his skeeving around. On Spring Break, Schwarzenegger was seen (and photographed) doing body shots off of some chick that he called his friend’s girlfriend. She was seen hugging his neck and looking lovingly into his eyes…. Those pictures surfaced and made everyone question his loyalty to Cyrus. When he got back from Cabo, he met up with Cyrus and explained himself and it appears that they are alright now.

An insider has revealed that despite getting close with his ex-girlfriend while in Mexico, he came back and treated Miley Cyrus to some good old fashioned romance. He took her out to some fancy romantic dinners and sent her some sweet emails. Not only that, but he bought her roses.

A source said, “He was devastated when he thought she was going to dump him and really brought out the big guns to win her back. He bought her over one hundred roses in assorted colors, he took her a number of amazing, romantic dinners, and more than anything he poured his heart out in a series of long emotional emails.”

So that’s what it takes to fix up a cheating scandal? Roses, emails and romantic dinners. Interesting.

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