Miley Cyrus wants to clean up her image

If Miley Cyrus is looking to clean up her image in 2011, then maybe she’s on the wrong track? Considering that another racy photo of the Disney starlet had just leaked over the holidays, she needs to do a 180 before anyone believes that she wants to step away from being scandalous Miley and is moving on to being adult, serious Miley.

After getting caught on video with a bong, Miley wants to get herself on the straight and narrow path.

Since, she has promised her parents that she will start acting like more of a role model. A source said, “Even though Miley is of legal age and able to make her own decisions in most matters, she still remains very close to her parents. She’s headstrong and likes to make her own decisions, but she truly loves her Mom and Dad. She knew right away that this video of her partying with ‘pals’ and puffing on a bong would send them over the edge.”

The insider went on to say, “After listening to their terrible fears that she’s heading down the wrong path and losing control, Miley made this solemn vow to her parents: She will straighten up and start acting like a role model to young fans that she should be!”

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how that works out for her. Are you buying it?

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