Miley Cyrus Worried About Losing Liam Hemsworth?

Miley Cyrus Worried About Losing Liam Hemsworth?

Is Miley Cyrus really worried that she is going to lose her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth? According to reports, because of Liam’s new popularity because of The Hunger Games, she has become worried that she’s going to lose him over his rising star. Would he really break things off with her if his celebrity status eclipses hers?

Miley was rumored to have lost twenty pounds after saying that she went on a gluten-free diet — coupled with the idea that she could only sniff fast food – pals say they are concerned about her.

An insider revealed, “I think Miley feels insecure about her relationship with Liam right now. Let’s face it, Liam has a lot on his plate right now. His career is blowing up and he has a promising future, thanks to The Hunger Games and some other impressive projects.”

Another source revealed, “Miley is feeling threatened. When she first met Liam, he was not well known at all. I think she is just crying out for attention and she’s worried she may lose him.”

Do you think she is really worried that she’s going to lose Liam? Or is this all a bunch of hype?

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