Motorhead’s Lemmy wants to die on stage

90408W8_KILMISTER_B_GR_01If you’re rockin’ out at a Motorhead concert, then beware. Frontman Lemmy says that he wants to go out, while performing.

He said that he wants to kick the bucket onstage because he can’t stand the idea of a drawn-out retirement.

He is 63-years-old and had friends and family worried about his health once he was diagnosed with diabetes (I wanted to type diabeetus…lol) ten years ago.

He said that he’s not cutting the liquor out just because the doctors have told him to. He said, “I’d rather die than live the life that would mean completely giving up everything that makes life worth living…I don’t want to hang around with tubes up my nose.”

That’s one dude I’d like to have a drink with.

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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