My ramblings on the ramblings of an internet mogul

Earlier today, I did a google search for blogging contests and tips, in an attempt to learn more about blogging to spruce up my content or even pick up some cool plugins and whathaveyou. I stumbled upon (not literally) John Chow’s blog about how to make money online. Apparently, this guy has made some serious cash just from his blog. He is offering a free link back to you and all he is asking is that you review his blog.

With a neatly designed website and a gazillion comments and links, I was/am on a path to find out what makes his blog so popular. He doesn’t center his blog around just one topic, like internet marketing. No, he has several: Investing, Cars, and Fine Dining, to name a few.

I like the fact that he rewards top commentators with a link on his site, which currently holds a pagerank of six. That’s pretty rockin’. What I like most about this site is that John Chow is making money bringing together a community of like-minded people.

I read through a few of his archives and found this as my favorite: If the internet crashed. While I’m not really sure what I’d do if the internet crashed, I’d be found hoping and praying that it came back online asap. I, too, want to bring people together, so if the internet crashed, I’d be in attendance at one of his entrepreneurship seminars.

Hopefully the internet will never crash, but in the meantime, I have to ask, what type of music does John Chow listen to? (This is a music blog, ya know)

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