Nadya Suleman Gets Naked For Closer Magazine

Nadya Suleman Gets Naked For Closer Magazine

Here’s one thing that Octomom AKA Nadya Suleman said that she would never do and that was get naked for some serious green. She became famous as a result of having octuplets after her wonderful doctor implanted a metric ton of embryos in her using in-vitro fertilization. She was already a single mother to six children, so she must’ve been relying on the prospect of reality television in order to pay her bills. That — and possibly kindness.

Still, when Vivid Entertainment head honcho Steven Hirsch got wind of her baby making ways, he wanted to showcase that for all to see on video. To that end, he offered Nadya a cool million bucks to star in her own porn flick. She turned the offer down and said that she would never resort to nudity or porn in order to pay the bills.

Apparently, times are tough — even for quasi-celebrities like Nadya. Closer magazine has reportedly shelled out a meager $10,000 for the opportunity to see Nadya’s boobs. It pays the bills, we guess. But if she was going to do all of that, why not just go for the gold and get the million bucks?

She’s got 14 mouths to feed. Would you do it?

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