Nadya Suleman Made $28,000 In A Month!

Nadya Suleman Made $28,000 In A Month!

Take that Ashley Hebert! She raked in $30,000 for The Bachelorette, but that was for two months of filming. Octomom Nadya Suleman has brought in $28,000 and that was for just one month. That’ll teach you to try to find real love on a television show. You should’ve just crapped out a baker’s dozen of children and purchased some Angelina Jolie lips.

Since $28,000 for one month’s worth of work is sometimes more than regular people make in a year’s time, I’d have to guess that it’s time for the federal government to cut off her assistance, maybe? Granted, though, regular people didn’t give birth to an entire football team, either.

TMZ reports:

We’re told Nadya made her money doing various things like “Celebridate,” The Cable Show in Chicago, MMA fights, a celebrity boxing match, bikini photo shoots, and several paid interviews across the globe.

And she has more paid gigs in the pipeline — including another celebrity boxing match, several more interviews, and a possible instructional workout video.

I still don’t understand why this broad is famous. She basically used her birth canal for a clown car. Clowns that she’s already said she hates, even. Animals!

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