Nadya Suleman Under Investigation For Child Neglect

Nadya Suleman Under Investigation For Child Neglect

Nadya Suleman is currently under investigation after being reported to the Department of Family Services for her children’s neglectful living conditions.

Her hairstylist Stephanie filed a formal complaint and the police along with DFS workers paid her a visit on Tuesday evening. The complaint states that there is only one working toilet in the house and some of the children are using portable training toilets in their bedrooms and outside. There is graffiti all over the walls and during the hairstylist’s visit to her home, Suleman propped the door shut with a chair, thus locking the children in their bedroom.

Authorities stayed at Suleman’s home for an hour and a half, but left after determining that the children weren’t in any danger. Stephanie also revealed to TMZ that Suleman paid her $520.00 for her hairstyling services, but decided not to pay $150.00 to get her plumbing fixed.

TMZ reports:

Octo’s hairstylist Stephanie tells us … she went to Octo’s house on April 18 to cut her hair and do a Brazilian blowout — a chemical straightening treatment. Octo owed Stephanie for an earlier haircut, and the grand total came to $520. Octo also paid Stephanie $80 for hair products. Mind you — Octo wrote the check at a time when she was in dire need of welfare.

This was at the same time that Suleman began receiving $2,000.00 in food stamps. How does one afford $520.00 for a hairstylist, but doesn’t want to pay a fraction of that to get her plumbing taken care of?

It’s a shame if the authorities take away her children because it is highly unlikely that they would find someone that would take all of the octuplets, let alone all 14 of her children. Thus, they would be separated from one another.

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