Naomi Campbell Mugged In Paris

Naomi Campbell Mugged In Paris

Supermodel Naomi Campbell was mugged in Paris, France in November! She was said to have suffered a leg injury after thugs attacked her in the city of love. TMZ reports:

Naomi Campbell reportedly suffered a torn ligament in her leg when she was mugged on a street in Paris.

The supermodel was hailing a cab when she was attacked and robbed by multiple assailants reports the NY Post. The attack — which occurred more than a month ago — left Campbell in a wheelchair and crutches.

The Post says Campbell’s boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin, has upped her security since the incident.

When called for comment about the incident, Campbell told the paper, “I am sorry, I do not talk to press, but I am fine.”

Tell us in the comments: Do you feel bad for her? She does have quite the temper and has taken her anger out on several of her assistants. Would you call this karma? Sound off below!

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