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National Enquirer: Kris Humphries: ‘Kim’s Butt Is Fake’ (Photo)

National Enquirer: Kris Humphries: 'Kim's Butt Is Fake' (Photo)

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kris Humphries without so much as a thank you for the 72 days of famewhoring together. He was said to be blindsided by her Halloween divorce filing — but now, apparently, he’s getting some revenge!

And we’re cracking up! The National Enquirer reports that Kris is calling Kim’s butt fake! We totally called that a while back. But still, Kim got so fed up with the butt plumping reports, that she actually had her butt X-ray’ed on television to prove to her detractors that it’s one hundred percent real. Some still called BS, saying that she could have had actual fat injected into her fat behind.

But I guess Kris would know, wouldn’t he? He probably saw the cottage cheese on her fanny up close and personal….and he lived to tell about it!

Oh, Enquirer, never change.

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