National Enquirer: Michelle Obama Is Writing A $15 Million Tell-All?

National Enquirer: Michelle Obama Is Writing A $15 Million Tell-All?

First Lady Michelle Obama is featured on the cover of the latest issue of the National Enquirer. Inside this issue, the magazine talks about Mrs. Obama’s supposed $15 million tell-all! Could you imagine if the First Lady really did want to do a tell-all?

The tabloid talks of Michelle’s exposed “secret book deal” and says that it’s her “ruthless revenge”. The magazine says that it’s blowing the lid off of President Obama’s “cheating, boozing and drug use”. In addition to that, there apparently is some Hollywood star that the First Lady hates the most. Lastly, the tabloid alleges that Michelle has been fighting with Hillary Clinton.

In an obvious attempt at grasping at straws, the magazine also claims that tragic actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was involved in some sort of secret gay life. The Enquirer reportedly has an interview with the late Oscar winner’s supposed gay lover. Ugh. Any way to possibly capitalize off of the latest tragedy and this publication is jumping all over it.

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